Red Flag Apology

I had written this post for LAST week but then life got in the way so now I am apologizing for being late with my apology.

You would think, given my pledge of three years ago to write and blog, I would be more adept at managing it. I started out writing five posts per week. I wrote a lot of long-winded, boring stuff. Then I backed off the pressure and settled to write a lot and post less. If your writing is driven by stats, this is not a productive idea. Or maybe it is?

When folks who are kind enough to read what you write, punch the “like” button and perhaps take the time to write a comment, blogging becomes a two-way street. A conversation evolves as you begin reading each other’sĀ  posts – liking and commenting in return.

Those likes and comments require a thank you in my humble opinion. So through these short years, the weight of blogging has shifted from a fire hose of output,Ā  to a lazy river of thoughts brought on by lots of reading and replying. So here comes the apology.

I red flag incoming posts from blogs I follow in my inbox with the plan to go back and read them after clearing out the emails that require an instant response or instant trashing. There is a lot of trashing when you are under-employed and selling a home. My address seems to have ended up on every job posting site, career advice forum, real estate sales sites and most oddly, DIY home repair offers from the big box hardware stores. Sheesh! Do they actually think I have money to spend on home improvement?!

Life gets in the way of plans. The balance is sometimes hard to sustain. I wish to apologize to all I love to read and follow, to all who have reached out to me with their thoughts, kind words of encouragement and inspiring posts.Ā  I am flagging you because I will get back to you soon. Right after I take a short break for a Therapeutic Misadventure…


19 thoughts on “Red Flag Apology

  1. No apology needed! It can be really hard to keep up with all of the posts from people you like reading, especially daily bloggers. I try to never just “punch” the like button without actually reading the content. Then it deserves a comment. I find lots of people hit the like button without ever having read the post (I can tell from the stats). I hope your (mis)adventure was therapeutic.

  2. Because I am new to blogging, I started out with an ambitious plan as well. This fell short after the first 2 weeks haha. We all have a thing we call… life! We get busy living, and have less time to create than we really wished we had. It is a joy reading your posts and I look forward to them as they come!

    • Thank you Tanya. I decided to go for quality over quantity but that is no excuse for not keeping up with the folks I follow. Will pop over to see what you are up to when I get a moment!

  3. Hi Martha,
    I have much the same problem. I try to publish twice a week, but it never quite works out. As you say life does get in the way. Most of my pieces require some research and fact checking so they are rarely one session items. Also since I comment bout current affairs sometimes the news moves too fast for me. I have a number of pieces which were no longer timely sp I haven’t published them. Today’s piece is on–guess who–Trump and just befroe publishing it truns out some of my facts are outdated and I need to weave the new material into the piece. But I am having fun. Keep it going !!


    • Hi Mel, Thanks for stopping by. It’s not so much the writing I’m struggling with it is the keeping up with others whose work I enjoy. But that’s what summer should be, busy and full of stuff to do!!

  4. We do what we can and what works best for us.
    With blogging, a little commmuity is built among friends. I always enjoy seeing what everyone is up to, and feel terrible when I can’t keep up. Good to know I’m not theonly one!
    Enjoy the lull – life will get moving rapid speed – would be nice if it would learn to relax! HA HA

  5. You’re not the only one who’s finding it hard to keep up. I read this post ages ago and meant to comment but got distracted. This is probably down to have Commando at home for the last four weeks with his injured ankle/broken leg. Catching up is hard to do!

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