Cobwebs and Cookies

I’m taking a “Sunday.” This week will be full of days for feasting; on time off, good food and friends, so I’m taking this rainy, cold Monday as my Sunday, full of “stinky me” time. There is nothing like a day of housework to bring out the extrovert in me the next day.

I have always valued a really good vacuüm. A good machine will have serious suction and stiff brushes. It will allow me to imitate a farmer using a sythe in  his hayfield in July; simple, repetitive motions that allow my mind to wander. It’s time I can sweep the cobwebs of lists, dreams, and desires out of the corners and let the sun in. When was the last time those curtains were washed? Where did that other sock disappear to?

My traditional candied cranberries have taken a backseat to black strap molasses cookies this year. I made several batches to give as gifts and finally, today, made a batch just for me. I donned Lexie’s red apron, emblazoned with her name, fired up her Kitchen Aid red mixer, affectionately named Ruby, and set to work. This batch did not turn out as well as those I had lovingly packaged for gifts. They were thinner, and no matter how much extra flour I added, they spread across the hot cookie sheets like ice cream.

DSCN2433 DSCN2441

I’ve done a bit of comfort food cooking lately. While checking out Monadnock Oil & Vinegar Company, I bought a package of Lemon linguine.  What to do for sauce?  One cooked lobster, cleaned and dressed with a bit of sherry, cream and fresh rosemary, warmed in a double boiler then mixed with the pasta for a bright and festive dinner.  My other personal favorite this time of year is my dad’s recipe for fresh oyster stew.  This I paired with a simple salad of tangerine and pomegranate; add fresh bread from friends,  a nice white wine and I’m a happy girl.


Short days, long nights and the comfort of cleaning and cooking.  It’s time to hunker down for the winter. Happy Holidays to all!

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