Playing with light, dirt therapy and such

A warm, showery day brought shifting light and I played with the settings on my new camera. How different to see the world transformed?

DSC_0004 DSC_0001 DSC_0002

Dirt therapy. The world is edging toward summer and while that brings its own set of concerns, fresh potting soil and tender shoots that will yield beauty calm me.

DSC_0005 DSC_0010 DSC_0012

It’s that time of year:

Best time to cut wood for next winter as it is easy to haul out of the woods before the summer’s growth and it will have many months to dry before you need to burn it. Best time of the year to have your senses assaulted:

  • Sudden sunlight for more hours
  • Sudden warmth enough to sit outside
  • Sudden chatter and songs of so many birds
  • Sudden smells of wet earth
  • Sudden sounds of water flowing off the back of the mountain

Best time of the year to just sit and absorb it all.

When the worries of what the future will look like come creeping in, I can look around and really SEE where I am right now, or travel back to how I have survived other imagined crises of reinventing myself. In the end, it is all about seeing and believing.


I dish out Skeedle’s food as she rubs and dances. Next is the plastic container of Magical Kitty Pot – aka catnip. It’s applied as she stands on the cardboard cat scratch station, carefully rubbed between fingers first to release its essential oils and aroma. I drizzle it down her back rub then against the hair to distribute it. The final touch is a chin rub and she sprawls into stoned bliss. Shouldn’t every day be this simply satisfying?  (Life can’t always be about Alice…)

11 thoughts on “Playing with light, dirt therapy and such

  1. LOVE the color pencil version of the porch!! Very cool. Spring truly is the best time of year. So many things renew and give us hope. Skeedles is the picture of contentment.

  2. All these variations are almost enough to make me get out the “real” camera – the starkness of the second one lends itself as the beginning of a story – but I like the top one with the colors – it just looks like an inviting scene captured and held.
    Purrfect cat pix. The shadows of cat and frond really hold your attention…as well as those cat eyes.

    • Thank you Phil. I can’t take credit beyond sort of figuring out what buttons to push and what settings do what. Cat is the queen of this particular realm, though Alice doesn’t agree.

  3. A new toy? How fun!! What did you get?

    I’m like you — sitting in the warmth of the sun, with a good book in hand and hot cup of tea, is downright nirvana.

    Hope all is well with you Martha. Several times in the past few days I’ve attempted to catch up on reading your posts and something always seems to distract me!

    Happy Spring!!

  4. Glad to see you’re getting to grips with the new camera. I’m glad too that you’re finding little things to distract you from worrying. It’s mostly what I’m doing too.

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